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Liposomial ® Anti-ageing



The main component of LIPOSOMIAL ANTI-AGEING is the Liposomial complex, a lipid-based compound researched by LOTALIA, which has a similar structure to the membranes of the cutaneous cells.

This product has true moisturizing power. This is based, above all, on the action of its hyaluronic acid – the cosmetic moisturizing substance par excellence which is intensified by the extraordinary quality of its bilaminar liposomes and the exceptional design of its excipients that only induce perfect penetration of its active ingredients but also creates a fine emollient layer on the skin which is very pleasant and soothing. In addition, thanks to its soy proteins - which contain valuable isoflavones – LIPOSOMIAL ANTI-AGEING also stimulates and activates the skin’s cellular function, improving its firmness and elasticity. This provides a long-lasting hydric balance and increased skin firmness.

For all these reasons, LIPOSOMIAL ANTI AGEING is a complete, advanced and effective product to attenuate and inhibit the signs of ageing, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

  • Combats sagging of the skin. (Restructures)
  • Repairs existing wrinkles. (Smoothing)
  • Revives skin complexion. (Moisturizes)
  • Prevents the loss of suppleness so characteristic of aging skin. (Firmness)


How to Use

It can be used both, during the day and night.

At night: After the regular cleansing of the skin and use of of skin tonic, a generous amount should be smoothed over the face and neck, massaging gently in order to facilitate absortion.

During the day: A fine layer of the product should be applied after the skin has already been cleaned and toned up, after which make-up is worn as usual

50 ml bottle of cream.