Quality and Environment

Sidefarma's Management System scope comprises the Manufacture, Distribution and Commercialization of Pharmaceutical Products, Food Supplements, Cosmetics and Medical Devices


Sidefarma’s Management Policy

The quality, efficacy and safety of our products and services, together with our environmental concerns, is our top priority, always aiming at increasing the satisfaction of our clients.

  • We ensure a continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, as well as in our environmental performance, guided by the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and the NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001 standards.
  • We foster training and continuous specialization of the company’s human resources in order to value initiative, team work and knowledge sharing, ensuring the fulfillment of requirements as well as the quality and reliability of our products.
  • We care about the current and future needs and demands of our clients by reinforcing the production capacity of the company through the acquisition of new equipment, adaptation to the manufacture of new products and improvement and diversification of our offer in order to improve productivity.
  • We minimize the environmental impact of our business activities, thus ensuring pollution prevention, and provide a proper management of our waste and an efficient use of hydric and energetic resources.
  • Aiming at a mutually beneficial cooperation, we demand from our suppliers quality in the service provided by respecting the rigorous fulfillment of the established requirements for the different materials, products and services.
  • We promote a sustainable growth through the implementation of strategies for the optimization of processes, products and services, the safety of our workers and the transmission of environmental values.
  • We fulfill legal, regulatory, technical and normative requirements, as well as any other requirements adopted by the company, applicable to our business activity.
  • We care about the final consumer, continuously monitoring the quality and safety of our medicinal products, food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices by means of specific activities carried out in the scope of pharmacovigilance.
  • Presenting a diversified line of products promoted by a specialized team, SIDEFARMA established itself in the national market having already conquered a position of recognition and excellence.

Q-A-00001.2 Published: 14/03/2018



pdfCertificate IQnet: ISO 9001 (2015)
pdfCertificate IQnet: ISO 14001 (2015)